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Les débuts d’une relation abusive

(via L.Castel)

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Trans Girl Next Door comic

Trans Girl Next Door is an adorable webcomic by a lady who seems equally adorable.

Kylie draws and writes and uploads videos about her daily life, transitioning (“It’s like giving your soul glasses”), surfing, or obsessing over TV shows.

(via AutoStraddle, see here)

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Flipping the Script

No longer content just to be making movies, a new generation of critically heralded female directors is rivaling the male establishment at the box office — and redefining what it means to be a woman in Hollywood.

Bonus: la liste des films qui les ont marquées ou influencées. De quoi piocher.

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De l’art (délicat) de référencer l’offre légale française de VOD.

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No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry

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"They bared all to defy a lifetime of being told that their bodies were less than camera ready. And defy they did. Every time the shutter clicked, triumph was theirs."

(via Catbird)

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Erika Moen - I Want To Live

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Arched Eyebrow - how i feel about being fat

"When I say ‘I’m fat’, I’m making a pronouncement on my size and my body. The colour of my eyes, the way I look after my nails, the shape of my lips, the length of my eyelashes; none of this has anything to do with my size. And besides, what if I like my thighs, my chubby upper arms, my fleshy, surgery-scarred stomach? Denying that I’m fat is denying me the chance to find any beauty in it."

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23 Female Cartoonists On Drawing Their Bodies

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How to Save Indie Distribution in 5 Easy Steps

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